Leveraging technology, system design, and exceptional personalized service, Data Link has established itself as the leading authority on physical security design and implementation. Pioneering new advancements, our team has emerged as a trusted partner servicing the IP camera surveillance, access control systems, and structured cabling and installation needs of businesses both large and small. 

Offering a variety of services, our experienced staff works with your team to design and install a system custom to your specific needs. From consulting services to total project management, we take pride in providing a custom, innovative approach to your corporate security solutions. You’ve worked hard to build your business, let us help you protect it.

IP Surveillance Systems

IP-based streaming video surveillance is the next generation of security, allowing operators to prevent, monitor, and respond to emergencies both remotely and in real time. Servicing the needs of small to large system installations, our certified staff specializes in a consultative approach from evaluating your system solutions to educating your company’s end user.

Project Management and Design

At Data Link we understand that any system is only as good as its design. We take pride in providing a custom approach, seeking to understand your business as a whole, so that we may design the solution to best protect it. Utilizing only the highest quality products and technology, our highly trained staff delivers an industry standard specification that is tested and guaranteed to work.

Access Control Systems

We provide installation and service for commercial card access control systems. Restricting entrance to a property, building, or room to only authorized persons can dramatically improve your facility’s physical security.

Data, Voice, Video, & Fiber Optic Cabling

From copper to fiber optic cable, we offer a full line of products, designating the materials to best fit your needs. Committed to exceeding industry standards, our team utilizes the latest technology available to certify and test our installations.

Multi-Location Rollouts

Today more than ever, business owners to possess the need to effectively operate from multiple locations. Our technology helps you to achieve that efficiently and securely. Through our multi-location rollout process, we design and install complete systems with specific capabilities allowing for cost-effective expansion. Systems designed in this way allow for you to connect the entirety of your operation both near and far.